Name of the play : THEROTTI MAGAN (Son of a charioteer)
Author of the play : P.S.RAMAIYA
Directed by : G.SREEDEVI

Karna is one of the central characters in the Hindu epic Mahabharata from ancient India. He was the King of Anga. Karna was one of the greatest warriors whose martial exploits are recorded in the Mahābhārata, an admiration expressed by Krishna and Bhishma within the body of this work.

Karna was the son of Surya (a solar deity) and Kunti. He was born to Kunti before her marriage with Pandu. Karna was the closest friend of Duryodhana and fought on his behalf against the Pandavas (his brothers) in the famous Kurukshetra war. Karna fought against misfortune throughout his life and kept his word under all circumstances. Many admire him for his courage and generosity.

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