Name of the play : PARAMAARTHA GURU
Author of the play : VEERAMAMUNIVAR (alias) FATHER
Directed by : G.SREEDEVI

Paramaartha Guru and his 5 disciples are crossing a river. The guru tells his disciples that the river should not be crossed when it is awake and should be done so only when it is a sleep. So saying the guru asks the disciple Milecha to check if the river is awake. Milecha picks up a piece of burning fire wood and dips it into the river. The river hisses. Realizing that the river is awake and thus not the right time to cross the river, they decide to rest for a while. After a while the guru sends Madayan another disciple to go and check if the river has fallen asleep. Madayan picks up the same piece of extinguished fire wood and dips it into the river. The river remains silent. Sensing that it is the right time, they cross the river. On reaching the other bank, they count themselves to check if all of them had crossed the river safely. Each person when counting leaves himself out and thus is shocked to see that only five of them are there. Thinking that the river has eaten one amongst them they start crying.

A man on a horse crossing the river stops and enquires them of their grief. They tell him that the river has eaten one of them and that they were only five of them left. The horse man realizing their stupidity tells them that he has a magic whip which could bring back the sixth person to life. The guru and his disciples say that if he does so they would gladly give him all the money that they have. He tells them that he would whip each one of them and at that moment that person would have to shout his name aloud and he would thus bring back the sixth person. The guru and his disciples oblige, get whipped and realize that all six of them are their. They are very happy. The disciples feel that if they also had a horse they could have crossed the river without any fear, and so decide to buy horse for their guru. How the guru and his disciples buy a horse and what happens after a ward is what this play is about.

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