Name of the play : ALLI SARITHIRAM (Alli’s story)
Author of the play : T.T. SANKARADAS SWAMIGAL
Directed by : G.SREEDEVI

Arjuna and his guru Krishna arrive at Madurai for pilgrimage and soon Arjuna learns from a Chettiar of a very beautiful, brave and man hating queen of Madurai called Alli. Curious, Arjuna with the help of Krishna sees Alli from a distance and falls in love with her. Arjuna then asks Krishna’s help to get him married to Alli. Krishna who refuses at first to help but later decides to set a series of challenges for Arjuna. The challenges involved magic, lust and danger. All these engulfs Arjuna throughout his tumultuous adventure in getting Alli’s hand for marriage. He succeeds in some and fails in some others. What is the final outcome for Alli and Arjuna? Will they become man and wife? Or will Alli’s man hating mentality get the better of her? Watch this in the show.

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